Membership of the AMC is open to all and any African marketing bodies, multinational corporations operating in Africa, African Chambers of Commerce, and related bodies as approved by the AMC President's Council.

Who Qualifies

Five types of memberships are available:

Primary Members

The national marketing organisation deemed to be the most representative marketing organisation in each African country. In the event of there being more than one marketing organisation in a country filling this criteria then the AMC President's Council will decide which organisation will be primary member for that country.


Marketing organisations in each African country other than the Primary marketing organisation that are deemed by the AMC President's Council for the region to be representative of the marketing industry or a sector of the marketing industry.


Industry bodies such as a Chamber of Commerce that represent industry broadly or specifically other than the marketing industry.


Multinational corporations with operations in more than one African country.


Individuals whom at the discretion of the AMC President's Council have made a significant contribution to the marketing profession across Africa. Honorary membership may be withdrawn by the AMC President's Council.

The original six founding organisations:

CIMG: Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana

IMM: Institute of Marketing Management - South Africa

MSK: Marketing Society of Kenya

MAZ: Marketers Association of Zimbabwe

NIMN: National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria

ZIM: Zambian Institute of Marketing

Founding members are also the Primary members for their respective countries.