Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


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Digital marketing in emerging markets is still in its infancy, however it has seen significant growth over the last decade. In order for businesses, managers and organisations alike to be able to efficiently and effectively manage this change as well as leverage new technology in order to deliver true value to all stakeholders it is critical to develop a core set of skills and aptitude.  The South African landscape presents further challenges, as brands need to navigate 11 languages, cultures, a wide ecosystem of trends as well as the impact of global influence on our existing markets.  After successful completion of this Course, participants will be able to understand the complexities, risks and opportunities that surround Search Engine Marketing as well as how to effectively leverage this channel to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Convert users/visitors to customers
  • Develop brand loyalty
  • Meaningfully engage stakeholders through the value chain
  • Add business value

Course Content and Delivery

The Course comprises of 7 core Modules, together of which can be completed within a period of 6 months.

Each Module consists of an introduction video as well as an interactive PDF-document with the course notes, assignments, study guide as well as further recommended online resources and activities. At the end of each Module a learner will have an Assessment that is compulsory and an average of 65% should be achieved in order to be awarded the Course Certificate.

Course Modules

Learning Outcomes

Module 1

Introduction to Advanced Programme in Search Engine Marketing

Module 2

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Module 3

Planning and Strategy

Module 4

Technical SEO

Module 5

Mobile SEO

Module 6

Local SEO

Module 7


Module 8

Emerging Technology and Trends

On successful completion of this Course the learner will be able to:

  • Show an understanding of the history, evolution and expected growth of paid and earned Search Engine Marketing
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of how to engage Search Engine Campaigns
  • Demonstrate a strong comprehension of how to add value to brands and business through Search Engine Marketing

  • Cultivate the capability to develop a Search Engine Marketing Campaign


Although the courses are self pased and can be done over a time period which suites the learner, the course comprises of 8 core modules and so the guided time to complete will be over a period of 6 months.