Digital Marketing: Introduction Certificate Course


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The Digital Marketing landscape is moving faster than ever before, with many new tools and platforms being introduced every year. From how we stay in touch with people to how we get our news, Social Media has not only changed the online world, but the way people live and interact with each other and in business. It is therefore not surprising that marketing has undergone more changes in the past five years than in the preceding 100 years.

The Internet is at the heart of Digital Marketing and has transformed the economics of marketing, resulting in the need for new strategies and structures. The purpose of this course is to explore how Digital Media has impacted consumers and to identify the key trends that will shape Digital Marketing strategies going forward. Students will be introduced to the key digital tools and will explore how to optimise these tools in order to develop an effective and engaging online presence. After successful completion of this course, you will be eligible to enter the Intermediate course where you will start to apply your knowledge and develop and implement Digital Marketing strategies.

Course Content and Delivery

The course is made up of five modules that can be completed within a two-month period. Each module consists of a set of downloadable PDF course notes, video lectures, assignments, and recommended reading and online resources. Students are expected to do all five assignments and achieve an average of 65% in order to be awarded the certificate.

Course Modules

Learning Outcomes

Module 1

The importance of a Digital Presence

Module 2

Key Digital Marketing Trends

Module 3

An introduction to Mobile Marketing

Module 4

The value of Social Media to your Business

Module 5

The Big Five

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of a Digital Presence for businesses.
  • Explain the role of Digital Marketing within the marketing mix.
  • Explain how Digital Marketing Trends can assist in shaping a Digital Marketing strategy.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how Social Media can grow your business.


Although the courses are self pased and can be done over a time period which suites the learner, the course comprises of 5 core modules and so the guided time to complete will be over a period of 2 months.