Today’s African economy calls for multifaceted marketing leaders who have a more holistic and strategic view of the marketing environment; who can spot emerging opportunities and can navigate changing economic conditions. Such marketing careers have likely seen specialisation in a domain such as marketing planning, advertising, supply chain and logistics, distribution, packaging, branding, competitive analysis, but this may not necessarily be inline with current trends from an African perspective. Further career advancement can also be challenging and may take years to achieve.

The CPMkt(A) is designed to accelerate this process, providing skills and presenting trending patterns that will transform candidates into outstanding African marketing professionals, who can lead more effectively and confidently, with the right tools required to interact in a global or continental context.

Not everyone will qualify for the CPMkt(A) examinations, and not everyone will pass, making the CPMkt(A) qualification one of the most sought-after endorsements globally. The typical CPMkt(A) candidate is: a mature marketing executive that may have recently acquired expanded responsibilities; a senior functional marketing manager needing a broader perspective on his/her role in or for an organisation; a marketing professional who is keen to become a leader in a business unit, division or regional marketing campaign.

Attendance of the CPMkt(A) programme provides candidates with the analytical skills needed to identify, frame and solve complex marketing challenges in Africa, the confidence to make significant business decisions, and the strategic marketing insights and skills to drive fundamental change within an organisation. In short, this executive programme will not just elevate status among marketing peers, but with newly-acquired knowledge successful candidates can maximise the impact they have on marketing efforts while simultaneously consolidating and enhancing all other academic marketing achievements.