Research Committee

Because of the diversity of the continent and its different levels of economic development, the AMC intends to be the hub of marketing information for the business and development communities across Africa. Through research into the various aspects of marketing and the African market as a whole, investors, academics, business operators and others will have access to comprehensive, continuously updated information that will enable them to make informed decisions.

Specific research data and information can also be provided upon request.

Events and Conference Committee

Networking and the free exchange of information is the basis for success and idea-generation. Thus the AMC believes in creating platforms that facilitate the continent-wide exchange of ideas and expertise in order to grow Africa and unite its markets into a single, powerful force.

One of the most important events will be the hosting of the annual Africa Marketing Summit in different member countries. This seeks to bring together the continent’s top marketing minds to discuss and resolve issues, suggest courses of action, and implement strategies that will promote marketing and business development across Africa.

Publishing Committee

In our quest to keep the marketing fraternity in Africa and beyond up to date, the AMC publish a quarterly marketing magazine for member bodies, subscribed institutions, and individuals. Called Strategic Marketing Africa, the editorial content comprises insightful, in-depth articles and news items covering trends and developments within the marketing field in Africa and elsewhere.

Education and Training Committee

To encourage continuous career development and a common appreciation of marketing, the AMC seeks to provide in-depth and tailor-made courses, as well as professional qualifications that recognise the dynamism of Africa. After meeting all the requirements of the AMC professional qualification, the member is accorded Certified Professional Marketer (Africa) CPMkt (A) status, a qualification recognised by all member countries as the highest professional marketing status in Africa.

The unique aspect of this qualification is that it considers the distinctiveness of the African market and its consumers, thereby equipping candidates with the special marketing capabilities needed to market in Africa and beyond.